effective-blog-postBlogging is a valuable marketing tool that can grow and build your business. Writing blog posts can promote your business in three ways:

  • Share your expertise with stories and testimonies of how you have helped previous clients and customers
  • Showcase your products and how they’ve been used to help others or improve their lives
  • Provide free and valuable information that will keep your audience coming back to you and lead to new business or referrals.

Having a “Blog Post Checklist” can help you write, design, publish, and share those blog posts simply and consistently. Use the following formula the next time you find yourself crafting your next blog article.


Outline format. Create an outline that includes the main topic of your post, along with 3 – 5 subheadings to support the main topic. Always include an introductory paragraph and a closing paragraph as well.

Proofread. Once the post is written upload it to your blogging platform and proofread it. Check for spelling, grammar, tone of voice, and any wording that simply does not sound correct.


Fonts and Colors. Use fonts and colors specific to your brand throughout the blog post. Include the fonts in your headings and subheadings and the colors in any images you design.

Images. Design and add images such as a blog post title, social media images, and any original pictures you’d like to include.

Internal Links. Include links to previous blog posts or to your products/services pages.

Call to Action. Always include a call to action, either in the middle of the text or at the end of the post.


Share. Share your blog post on every single one of your business social media channels – Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, just to name a few.

Email. In your next email newsletter, include an image and the link to your blog post.

Facebook Groups. Find and join Facebook groups that will benefit from your business. Share your blog post in these groups when appropriate.

Almost everyone has heard of a blog but have they heard of yours? We can help you establish your brand and keep your blog in the eyes of your target audience. Schedule a free consultation with us today.