social-media-organic-reachHaving an optimized social media profile is a simple, yet very important means to increased engagement with potential clients and customers. Having a solid social media presence can improve your organic reach, and negate the use of paid advertising, which is not always an option for a small business owner.

Apply these 3 tips to not only improve your social media presence but also increase the likelihood of more likes, comments, and shares, on your social media business page.

Correct Image Sizes

Be sure you have the correct image sizes on the variety of social media platforms your business uses. This includes profile pictures, cover photos, event headers, blog article images, and any other images you display. Below is a “cheat sheet” of image sizes for three of the most popular social media platforms.


  • Cover photo – 828 px x 315 px
  • Profile photo – 180 px x 180 px
  • General post – 940 x 788


  • Twitter Header – 1500 px x 500 px
  • Profile photo – 500 px x 500 px
  • General post – 1024 x 512


  • Banner/Cover photo – 1584 px by 396 px
  • Profile photo – 400 px x 400 px
  • General post – 1200 px x 628 px

Cross Promotion

Not everyone uses the same social media platforms. In fact, your ideal clients may only use one or two social media accounts. To cover all of your bases, be sure to cross-promote all of your business social media links on all of your social media platforms. You can also display these links in the profile of your personal social media accounts.

Pro Tip: It’s not necessary to be on every single social media platform. Do some research and find out which platforms your ideal clients use the most. Then begin with those. It is perfectly fine to only be on two or three of these platforms. Once you’ve optimized those and have created a consistent, engaging schedule, then you can move on to others if that’s necessary for business growth.

Complete Bio/Profiles

When you fill out your business bio and profile, you want your ideal customers to know what you do, who you are, and what solution you offer for their particular problem. Include such details as:

  • Business logo
  • Link to business website
  • Business address and phone number (if appropriate)
  • Business hours
  • Contact information

To find out more about how TMC Typing & Internet Services can help increase your organic social media reach, schedule a free consultation with us. We look forward to talking more about how we can help you grow your business.