Virtual Tasks

Teaming with one of our U.S. based virtual assistants can help you complete the tasks you know that need to be done but are time consuming.

Our U.S. based virtual assistants have many years of experience in the corporate world.  We have combined our skills to create a team of specialists who will work with you to help you achieve the goals in your business and save you valuable time.

We use time tracking software to ensure that all tasks are recorded and provide you with updates on your project(s).  Our time tracking software ensures that you will be billed ONLY for time spent working on your project.

We will evaluate the work that you need to have done and send you a proposal for outlining what your fees will be.  


Social Media & Blog Management

WordPress/Blog Management

In order to your website to be working properly at all times, you need to maintain it on a regular basis.  Imagine getting an email from a potential customer telling you that your website isn’t working and you had no idea?  Could be a little embarrassing….

What we do:  We will maintain your WordPress website by backing up your website on a regular basis, install plugins and widgets, check for broken links and optimize your site for SEO.  We can also create a WordPress website based on information provided by you if you don’t have one.  We also install Google analytics on each website to monitor detailed statistics about your website’s traffic and traffic sources and measure conversions and sales.

Blog Management

Blog posting is one of the biggest components of successful content marketing.  Researching your topics, writing and formatting the articles is a very time consuming chore.

What we do:  based on your information or topics, we will research the topic, order articles to be written, upload the article and an appropriate graphic and post the article and help you maintain a good blog posting frequency.  If you write your own articles, the same posting procedures will apply.  This will also include maintaining your WordPress website.   We can also maintain your blog on other blog posting sites (Blogger, Tumblr, etc.).  We currently use WordPress plugins to automatically post your blog to your social media accounts.

Social Media Management

If you have profiles on any of the leading social media platforms, such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, you probably have a few comments or questions these on social media platforms that need to be answered but don’t have the time to maintain a solid presence.  You want your current and potential clients to be able to find you.

What we do:  First and foremost, all staff is required to receive on-going training on the latest social media trends and best practices in order to provide our clients with excellent service.

  1. Create and optimize social media accounts for you OR optimize and maintain your current social media accounts for maximum impact and search benefits.
  2. Content creation including articles, images and videos, specifically targeted for your business.
  3. Promotion of your products and services to your social networks.
  4. Fresh and relevant content, posted once a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to your social networks.
  5. Monthly analytics report for ROI determination.
  6. Email and chat support.

Social Media/Blog management fees vary according to the information provided by the client for the project.  Please refer to our social media services page.

If you don’t see what you need listed, please fill out the form on our contact page about your project and we will get back to you with solutions for your project.