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Create Documents With These 4 Free Online Apps

Create Documents With These 4 Free Online AppsHave you been searching for a word processing or document creation program that’s intuitive, simple-to-use, and also free? Here at TMC Typing & Internet Services, we’ve created a round-up of some of the online document programs that are perfect for any business owner. If you haven’t checked out these four applications yet, read more about them below.

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6 Types of Blog Posts to Create (Part 1)

virtual-assistantWe can all agree that content marketing has great potential to lead customers and clients directly to your website. Writing blog posts is simply one form of content marketing that can have a huge return on investment. After crafting several blog posts, it can be daunting to come up with new ideas. No need to worry any longer! At TMC Typing & Internet Services, we have a few tips to help get those creative juices flowing. Try adding these types of articles to your content calendar. You will be amazed at how easy it is to begin writing again.Read More