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Optimize Your Facebook Business Page with These 4 Tips

social-media-organic-reachManaging a Facebook business page is more than scheduling daily posts and interacting with followers. Before you even begin posting, you need to set-up your page for the optimal customer experience. Having contact information, details about your business, photos of products, and access to other ways of connecting with you will make your page user-friendly and uncomplicated. At TMC Typing & Internet Services, we recommend completing the following four areas of your Facebook business page in order to take your social media experience to the next level.Read More

Facebook v. Twitter: Which One is Best For My Business?

social-media-organic-reachIt’s no secret that a social media strategy is essential for business growth, regardless of your specific industry. Knowing which platform to invest your time and budget in is where business owners often get lost. For over 20 years, TMC Typing and Internet Services has been assisting business owners in social media management. We have both the knowledge and experience to create an effective social media strategy for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Today, let’s take a look at the two most popular platforms – Facebook and Twitter. Read through the information below to discover which platform is best for your business. Read More

10 Answers to “What Should I Post on Social Media”?

post-on-social-mediaAny business owner knows that social media is one of (if not) the best forms of marketing out there. You can get fantastic results with paid forms of advertising but much of social media marketing is free. The problem usually lies in how to use social media for business purposes. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there regarding this area. Read More