TMC(2)Welcome to!  I’ve been in business for 20+ years but how did I get here?  A little history about me…

I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and eventually wound up in a small town in Pennsylvania where I appreciate the pace of small town life.   I am happily married to a wonderful man and have 4 sons and blessed with 6 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.

Prior to becoming a “work at home” mom, I worked in various jobs developing my skills in administration and management.  It was very difficult for me to hand my children over to someone else (working Moms can associate with this) so when my 4th son was born, I decided to take my skills that I had acquired over the years and start my own business.

I began contracting work with various governmental agencies and worked for the USDA, DOL, HUD and an AFB as well as other private clients in various capacities from on-site inspection visits, transcription, database management, internet services and other administrative tasks.  This allowed me to work mainly from my home office and when I needed to go out, I was blessed with my in-laws who lovingly took care of my youngest son (they didn’t want to give him back!).  I was able to be home to take care of my school aged children as well.

But as technology developed, most of these contracts came to an end and I found myself looking for more work and clients and found that I needed to take my business in a different direction.  During this time, I studied and received certification as a Paralegal and hoped to find administrative work in this area as well but was unable to find contract work in this field.

So I rolled up my sleeves and took my business in the direction of Social Media and Virtual Assistant.  I have spent many hours in groups, reading blogs, researching, studying techniques and learning many programs that can assist the small business with their administrative tasks and social media management.  For me, this will always be an on-going learning process as new technology and programs change constantly (thank you Google) and I need to be aware of the latest and greatest technology.

Even though I went through some rough times while being in business, I would not have it any other way.  I was able to work from home, raise my children my way, and choose who I work for.  I give 100% to all I do, whether it’s my family, my home or my clients and my goal in my business is to provide the best service I can to help your business achieve its goals.