social-media-strategy-blog-postKnowing how to strategically promote your blog posts on social media makes all the difference in how well and how often your content is viewed and shared by others. Rather than simply sharing a link to your newest blog article, apply the following strategies to increase your likes, shares, and comments.


Anyone who follows you on LinkedIn will receive an automatic notification whenever you publish something new on your profile. This platform is much less busy than others such as Pinterest or Twitter so the odds of someone coming across your content are much greater here.

There are several places within LinkedIn where you can promote your blog article:

  • Share a link on your personal newsfeed.
  • Publish your blog post as an article on your LinkedIn profile. After clicking on your account, click on “Posts & Activity” and add a new article to this section.
  • Join various LinkedIn groups in your niche. Be sure to check the policies and procedures of each group. Some may allow promotion where others may be more of a discussion or learning environment.


Twitter moves faster than other comparable platforms, allowing you to share your blog content more often. You can also include hashtags with your blog post link. Use hashtags that your ideal clients will be searching for to make your blog post easier to discover.

Share a link to your blog post on your personal Twitter page as well as your business page.


In order to be effective with posting your blog article on Pinterest, you need to change your perspective of this social media platform. Pinterest operates more like a search engine. When adding a pin, consider adding keywords, much like hashtags, in order to have your blog post more searchable. You can also create several different images, spreading awareness of your blog post even further throughout this platform.

There are three areas where you can share your blog posts within Pinterest:

  • Pin your blog post images to all related boards in your personal profile.
  • Pin these same blog post images to all relevant boards in your business profile.
  • Join several Pinterest group boards and pin your blog post images to all appropriate group boards.

Have you tried any of these strategies on social media? If not which one do you think would work best within your specific business niche?