In the last article, we discussed three types of blog posts that have great potential to lead potential customers and clients to your website. Below are three more ideas you can use when writing blog articles that are both valuable and beneficial for your particular audience.


A step-by-step checklist can be a helpful blog post for current and future customers. This type of content gives your audience information they can apply and put into action right away. By sharing easy-to-follow checklists, you are showing potential customers how you can help them. When they’ve had success with this information, they will be more likely to return to your website, contact you for more information, or hire you for your expertise.

Book or Product Reviews

Whether you own a service or product-based business, a review blog post can be a very useful article for your customers. Below are a few examples you can use for your next blog post:

*If you are a public speaking consultant, writing a review on one of the latest public speaking books can offer potential clients valuable information that will assist them in their own public speaking endeavors.

*For a product-based business owner, consider writing a review on one of your more popular products. Go into detail about the pros and cons, or benefits and disadvantages. Customers will be trusting of your recommendations and input if they know you are willing to share both the upsides and downsides of a product.


Videos are one of the simplest forms of blog posts to create and post, especially for busy business owners. They are a very versatile form of media that is easy for others to consume. Consider these options for a video blog post:

*Re-post a Facebook or Instagram live.

*Share a customer’s experience.

*Talk about the future plans of your business.

*Share details about one of your more popular products.

*Discuss simple marketing tips for your customer base.

Ready to Begin Blogging?

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