Updating and improving your business blog can often be placed on the sidelines. It seems like an overwhelming project that never ends and is one of those tasks that needs to be accomplished one small portion at a time. If you’re not sure where to start, begin with the four improvements below.


1. Display Your Contact Information

You want to make it easy for potential clients and customers to contact you if they have any questions. Include a link to your contact information in the top menu bar, the top of your sidebar, or at the bottom of every single one of your blog posts. It also helps if you include a picture of yourself, giving your business blog a personal and friendly atmosphere. 

2. Add Internal Links

A simple method for keeping people on your business blog is to add internal links throughout your blog content. Be sure you add the links to a relevant portion of the content. Anywhere from 1 – 3 links are appropriate.

3. Update Past Blog Articles

If you’ve been writing for any amount of time, your content has most likely improved quite a bit. Go back through some of your more popular articles and update them, checking specifically for readability and grammar. Add images or update them as well if you’ve changed any of your business branding. Next, add these articles to your social media schedule. Although it’s already been published, it will be like fresh, new content to your audience, once it’s been updated.

4. Add a Subscription Form for Your Email List

If you run an online business, you need to have a growing email list. Again, you want to make it easy and simple for people to sign up, once they’ve landed on your website. You can do this using a number of methods: a pop-up subscription form, a form on the top of your sidebar, embed a form on your About page and Contact page or include a link to your subscription form at the end of each blog article.

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