follow up with clientsDo you find yourself spending an hour or more each day sifting through and answering emails? Could you use extra email support that will free you up to focus on business-building activities? TMC Typing & Internet Services provides a number of email solutions that can be customized to the needs of your particular business. We are happy to provide you with much-needed assistance in the following areas of your business email.

1. Filter Spam & Junk

There’s nothing more frustrating when it comes to managing email then weeding through all the garbage received on a daily basis. Our experienced virtual administrative assistants filter out the junk and spam in your inbox. This way you can focus on responding to emails from customers or colleagues in a timely manner. 

2. Answer Inquiries

Our experienced virtual assistants understand that many business owners, especially product-based companies, may receive emails from customers on a daily basis. Our team is highly-trained in the area of customer service. Not only will we provide your customers with a positive experience, but we will also help them find the answers they are looking for.

3. Forward Urgent Emails

Although it would be great if a remote virtual assistant could handle all of your email communication, there are times that only you can assist the person on the other end of that email message. In these cases, our team will forward any urgent or important emails that need your immediate attention. 

4. Create Email Campaigns

If you’re looking for more technical email marketing support, we also provide email marketing solutions. Our virtual assistant team is proficient with iContact, Constant Contact, and MailChimp but is also familiar with several other email marketing platforms such as AWeber and ConvertKit. We can produce and manage a number of email campaigns including new customers, new subscribers, monthly newsletters, weekly updates, special discounts, and the like.

Email Marketing To Grow Your Business

At TMC Typing, we take the time to discover the specific email goals you have for your business. Before we begin assisting you, we’ll have a conversation hashing out exactly what you need help with in regards to email management. Don’t waste your time any longer. Call us today at (717) 429-6565 or fill out our convenient online form. We also provide social media solutions, WordPress maintenance, and general administrative support.