social-media-organic-reachIt’s no secret that a social media strategy is essential for business growth, regardless of your specific industry. Knowing which platform to invest your time and budget in is where business owners often get lost. For over 20 years, TMC Typing and Internet Services has been assisting business owners in social media management. We have both the knowledge and experience to create an effective social media strategy for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Today, let’s take a look at the two most popular platforms – Facebook and Twitter. Read through the information below to discover which platform is best for your business. 


Facebook is all about connecting with people. On a personal level, it’s perfect for catching up with any family who lives far away and keeping up with long-distance friends. When it comes to business, Facebook is great for long-term engagement with loyal clients and potential customers. It’s a valuable platform for having conversations with followers which allows for the building of a trusting working relationship. 

When considering Facebook as a platform for promoting your business, keep in mind these helpful benefits:

  • Perfect for small businesses and start-ups.
  • Share helpful content for your followers.
  • Create a business profile with links to your website.
  • Share compelling videos and attractive images.
  • Very appealing to the baby boomer generation, specifically ages 65 and up.
  • Middle-age adults use Facebook the most. (70% of Facebook users are adults.)


While Twitter is not the most ideal platform for building relationships, it is a helpful tool for sharing ideas and real-time information. It’s a great way to introduce your company, along with its products and services, to a younger audience. If you’re looking to create brand awareness and build recognition for your business, Twitter is the place you want to be. Sharing quick bits of news and information in 140 characters or less is how Twitter delivers its updates. If the nature of your business allows for this type of communication, you may want to make Twitter your main source of social media engagement.

Along with the advantages listed above, Twitter also brings these benefits for a wide variety of industries:

Which Platform is Best For Your Business?

There’s nothing wrong with using both Facebook and Twitter as part of your overall social media strategy. Twitter can be used to introduce people to your business while Facebook can promote long-term engagement. Both of these strategies, working together, can give you a solid social media foundation for optimal business growth.