3 Types of Videos to Use in Your Content Marketing StrategyDo you use videos as part of your content marketing strategy? Videos can be used in a variety of ways including showcasing your products and services, providing valuable information to your audience, or giving them a behind-the-scenes look at your company. Consider these options when thinking about adding video to your digital marketing plan.

1. Product Demonstrations

If you sell specific products, a demo video is an effective way to promote your merchandise. Create a video using the ideas below and then add them to your social media schedule. You can also feature these videos as part of your blogging strategy. 

  • Spotlight a specific product or collection each week.
  • Review how the product can be useful for your customers.
  • Introduce a new product once a month and offer a limited-time discount.

2. Educational Clips

For service-based business owners, educational videos are a fantastic way to promote your services. Create a short video sharing a common problem your clients have along with an effective solution. These videos can also be added to your social media schedule and your blog post series.

  • Social media managers can share a new development in social media marketing.
  • Business coaches can explain how to create a step-by-step business plan.
  • Virtual assistants can create a video sharing their work-from-home schedule.

3. Expert Interviews

Any type of business can take advantage of interviewing experts in their specific industry. Use a streaming service like Zoom to record the interview. Plan the interview out first with your guest. Allow them to promote their product or service during the interview as well. It’s a win-win experience for both of you!

  • Choose the interview questions beforehand and send them to your guest.
  • Be specific with them on how they are allowed to promote their business.
  • At the end of the video, share a special viewer-only discount for both or either of your products/services.

Now that you’ve read a few ideas on how to add video content to your marketing strategy, are you ready to take that next step? Use this blog post as a way to spark your creativity and come up with your own ideas for using video as part of your marketing approach. As always, the team at TMC Typing is here to help! For assistance with social media marketing, document creation, or blog content writing, fill out our online form. We look forward to working with you!