What Does a Blog Manager Do?Are you thinking of adding a blog as part of your content marketing strategy? A blog is an excellent option for promoting any type of business, whether you own a product-based e-commerce website or run a consultant service-based business. The nice part of hiring a blog manager is that you can have them oversee a few blog management tasks or run the entire platform. To help you decide if hiring a blog manager is a smart business move, keep reading to find out exactly what a blog manager can do.

Blog Maintenance

Regardless of what type of blogging platform you use, there’s always blog maintenance that needs to be performed. Most of these tasks need to be completed on a weekly or twice-weekly basis:

  • Regular backups.
  • Make changes as necessary.
  • Check for broken links.
  • Fix 404 pages.
  • Update plug-ins and themes.

Blog Articles

Yes, a blog manager can write articles for your blog. If they’re a gifted writer, they can do it themselves, or they can hire someone else to write the articles. By answering a few simple questions, a blog manager can develop a content strategy that will make potential clients want to return again and again to your website. A blog manager can oversee the tasks below:

  • Write blog articles.
  • Upload them to the blogging platform.
  • Format with subheadings and categories. 
  • Optimize for SEO with keywords, internal links, and meta descriptions.

Blog Promotion

Overseeing an effective blogging strategy doesn’t end once the blog post is published. Now that the article is live, it’s time to promote it. It does no good if you post it but don’t share it with the world! Below are a few simple ways to promote each blog article:

  • Share on all social media platforms.
  • Submit to article directors such as Ezine Articles or HubPages.
  • Send an email to your followers with a link to the article.

Blog Analytics

Last but not least, analyzing blogging statistics will help you and your blog manager continually develop a successful blog strategy. Keeping track of the type of data below will help you decide which blog post topics are valuable for your customer or clients:

  • Popular blog posts.
  • Pages with the most views.
  • Top referrals.
  • Number of sessions.
  • And more.

Hire a Blog Manager Today

Now that you have a good idea of what a blog manager can do for you, schedule a free consultation with TMC Typing & Internet Services today. We look forward to helping you build your business through a successful and effective blogging strategy.