3 Types of Online Research TMC Typing Can Help You WithConducting online research for your business is an essential step in creating a viable business with plans for future growth. Regardless of the type of research information you need, the virtual assistants at TMC Typing & Internet Services have 20 plus years of experience in helping overwhelmed business owners. We can provide reliable online research without the added cost of hiring an additional employee. The three areas below are examples of how we can help you conduct detailed and accurate online research.

1. Keywords and Hashtags

When you’re trying to target specific groups of people, keywords and hashtags can be very valuable in finding your target audience. A virtual online assistant has the time needed to research the best keywords and hashtags for posting on social media, creating web content, or writing a blog post. Our virtual assistant company conducts this type of research in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Using Google Keyword Planner.
  • Conducting quick hashtag research.
  • Using a hashtag research tool such as Keyhole or Hashtagify.
  • And other research methods.

2. Audience Research

Once we’ve discovered your target audience, we can actively begin to ask them questions that will help you determine their pain points, their obstacles, and then, of course, solutions that will help them the most. Our virtual assistants perform this task by:

  • Conducting online surveys.
  • Asking questions in Facebook groups.
  • Using reliable question and answer websites.
  • And other research strategies.

3. Market Research

For a marketing agency or product-based company, conducting market research in order to understand future business trends is a must. If you don’t know if there’s a need for your product, the average cost to create your product, or how much people are willing to pay for this product, it will be difficult to market it. Our virtual administrative assistants will discover the answers to these questions and more, such as:

  • Number of people interested in your product.
  • Income range and employment rate.
  • Similar product options that are available.
  • And other business trends.

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