What Does a Virtual Administrative Assistant Do? (Part 2)When you’re overwhelmed and need assistance with all the time-consuming tasks for which you’re responsible, it may be time to hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant. In the last blog post, we reviewed how a VA can help you manage correspondence, keep track of your calendar, and conduct internet research. A virtual assistant can also help with several other tasks, including email management, proofreading, editing, and data entry.

Email Management

When you receive several emails throughout the day and spend more time than you’d like organizing, sorting, and cleaning out your inbox, you may find email management services helpful. A virtual administrative assistant can organize your inbox in a way that works best for you. Along with cleaning out and sorting your email inbox, a VA can also:

  • Clean, sort, archive, and delete old emails
  • Manage and update your contact lists
  • Unsubscribe you from unwanted email lists
  • Set up and manage your auto-responder when you’re out of the office
  • Respond to emails such as requests for meetings or customer service messages
  • Send email marketing messages such as introductory emails to new clients

Proofreading & Editing

If you write blog content, send email newsletters, or produce any type of content, a virtual online assistant can proofread and edit that content before it’s published. A VA will check for basic typos such as spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. They can also check that your message is focused, clear, and easy to read.

Data Entry

A remote virtual assistant provides data entry solutions for several types of industries and business owners. Realtors need someone who can keep their client database consistently updated for them. Online shops and retail stores have several product codes and descriptions that need to be added to their website. Other types of data entry tasks include:

  • Sorting data into categories
  • Creating spreadsheets and reports
  • Entering information quickly and accurately
  • Deleting or archive old data files
  • Entering customer data and tracking orders

More Work Than Time? We Can Help!

For professional and reliable virtual assistance, look to the experts at TMC Typing & Internet Service. Contact us today for a free consultation by making an online appointment. Along with virtual administrative tasks, we also provide social media management and WordPress management services.