What Does a Virtual Administrative Assistant Do? (Part 1)Are you looking for help handling all the administrative tasks you’re responsible for in your business? Are you overwhelmed with non-stop emails, a busy calendar, and a long to-do list that never seems to end? Consider delegating those administrative tasks to a Virtual Administrative Assistant. A virtual administrative assistant can take care of any number of professional business responsibilities, including those listed below. 


When there are non-stop emails, constant incoming phone calls, or forms/documents that need to be completed and mailed out, hand over these tasks and more to a virtual assistant. Along with these tasks, they can handle other types of correspondence such as social media messages, text messages, online inquiries, and more.

Calendar Management

If you have a busy calendar, whether it’s appointments with clients or meeting important deadlines, a virtual administrative assistant is the ideal solution for handling your bustling schedule. They can manage your online schedule, confirm all appointments, schedule podcast interviews, manage speaking engagements, and any other type of calendar management project.

Internet Research

Conducting internet research can be helpful when creating a new product for your e-commerce business, developing a social media strategy, launching a new service for your audience, or for any reason you need to gather specific data. Maybe you’d like to know more about your competitors and find out how their businesses are growing so quickly. Perhaps you’re updating your brand and would like to gather examples of colors, fonts, and website designs you find compelling and impressive. Whatever your research requirements, a virtual administrative assistant can devote the time to gather the information you need.

How TMC Typing Can Help You

If you’re looking for a trusted, experienced, and professional virtual assistant to assist with your administrative responsibilities, look no further than TMC Typing & Internet Services. Schedule a free consultation today by making an online appointment that’s convenient for you. Along with administrative tasks, we also offer WordPress management services, blog writing services, and social media management services.