write-effective-business-posts-using-blog-post-ideasAs a business owner who runs a blog, you probably experience writer’s block often. This is a perfectly normal part of the writing process and happens to all of us. Fortunately, you can have a treasure box full of topic ideas to choose from when you get stuck. When you need fresh, new ideas, use the list below to inspire your next blog post.

Share a Customer Success Story

People enjoy hearing from your previous clients and customers. Think of this as a “try before you buy” blog post. Share before and after pictures. Include direct quotes from customers who have experienced success since visiting your website. Potential customers are more likely to use your products or take advantage of your services if they know you have helped someone else who needed your solution much as they do.

Write an Inspirational Piece

Your audience wants to be more than simply informed about your business when reading your blog. They want a glimpse of the person behind the business. Talk about why you started your company. Share what it was like when you first got started. Allow your passion and purpose to be seen in the words you write.

Teach Something

Share a small portion of your knowledge and skill through a blog post. Tell your audience how your products will improve their lives in specific and meaningful ways. If you provide a service, share the basics of how that particular service can change their lives. Share individual stories with previous customers. Also, include testimonials from them where applicable.

What Not To Do

Don’t be afraid to be open and honest about mistakes you’ve made or setbacks you’ve experienced. This is an opportunity to use your past blunders and previous obstacles in a positive light. Share what you learned and how you made course corrections because of these setbacks.

These ideas will help you build a list of ever-growing topics so you can build and grow a successful blog alongside your successful business.