virtual-assistantRegardless of the kind of clients you have, it is imperative that you follow up with them. All the clients you have ever served are potential sources for future clients. Keeping in contact with them with things such as birthday cards can keep them tied on you for future projects.

Be Trustworthy 

Provide all clients with your information. Let it be correct and do not try to sell any information resources to them. When they read your references and work history, they will believe your services are genuine.

Provide Solutions

Clients always come with problems. It is your duty to provide solutions based on your extensive expertise. If the client describes the problem, you should in turn provide solutions by even providing a blog or newsletter on the issues. By doing so, you prove yourself as an expert and fulfill their needs.

Everything Counts

The small things you do mean a lot to others. Handwritten notes, newspaper clipping from articles, emails on new products or links to new software programs can mean a lot if done in the right way.

Clients Are Like Referral Links

Clients are good sources of other new customers.  If they bring other clients, provide incentives as a way of showing gratitude and staying connected. If they are satisfied with your services, they will talk about you even on tweets.

Make Good Use of any Client Leads

The main goal of attracting clients is for them to contribute to your business growth financially. If you get any prospects, swing into action and start the project immediately for you to start earning.

Be a Resource 

You can help your clients by referring them to other competent service providers. It can sound strange, but they too can at one time come to your aid or return the favor.

Share Information on Current Projects

This strategy particularly works well with short-term project based clients. Share with them periodic information on your current projects and achievements. When they need to have projects that involve what you do, you automatically become their first choice.

Clients are Often Busy

The client could be having the intent of contacting you about a new project that he or she wants to start, but other things take preference and ends up forgetting about it.  If you happen to reach out to them, this is the perfect opportunity for them to speak to you about it.  Make use of your phone and email.

Don’t Complicate Things

Follow up with you clients in a professional manner. Do not bombard with several continuous streams of messages and emails. If you keep sending the emails daily, chances are that they will ignore you.  Try scheduling a meeting with the client on at least a monthly basis to see how they are doing and if they need additional services for their new projects.