When writing marketing articles, even the best writers can make mistakes. Here are some mistakes you can avoid:

Spelling and Grammar Errors

It is unprofessional to write articles that are full of spelling and grammar mistakes.  This could result in most readers will not take your work seriously, which will negate the effort you have put in to write the article. To avoid these errors, double-check your articles for mistakes or get a professional to do it for you.

Length of the Article

Your marketing article should have at least 300 words. If you write short articles, you may not be able to provide all the information required by the reader. Also, avoid writing articles that are too long, as readers may not be able to follow the article and may lose interest. If you are planning to submit an article to a blog site, make sure the article is at least 400 words.

Poor Formatting

If you want people to actually read your article, make sure it is well organized. To make your article pleasing to the eye, you must use bold, italics, headlines, paragraphs and several other formatting tools. Including videos and pictures can also make a big difference to the article.

Don’t Ignore Quality

Most writers focus only on increasing the word count of the article and they pay little importance to the quality. People will enjoy reading your article only if it is unique and informative. Avoid using spinning software to write articles, as it will affect the quality of the article and make it unreadable.

Submitting the Same Article To Several Directories

The main objective of article marketing is to bring traffic to the website and to improve the search engine ranking of the site. When you submit the same articles to several directories, it could trigger Google filters that can blacklist your website.

Consider Writing Guest Posts

Submitting articles to directories can help you get backlinks, but this is not the only strategy. Instead, you could find a few popular blogs and write a guest post on these blogs. This will not only bring traffic but will also improve the reputation of your website. If you are unable to find popular websites that will accept your post, you can submit your articles to private blog networks to get faster results.

Avoid Promotional Articles

You must not forget that article marketing is about building your reputation and increasing backlinks. Your article must be informative and it must not promote a particular product or service.

Selecting a Keyword

When you write an article, make sure you include keywords, long-tail searches, and short phrases in the article. The keyword you select must have low competition and high searches because it is easy to get a high rank for these keywords in the search engines. Finding these keywords is not easy, so do keyword research before you start writing an article.

Submit Articles Regularly

Article marketing is not a one time exercise to improve your search engine ranking. You should write regularly because most blog directories and search engines like to see consistent movement on your website.

Social Media Sites

Last but not least, you should post your article link to all your social media newsfeeds in order to promote or encourage people to share your blog posts.  When people share your blog content with their friends or followers, they help build your readership.  Make your blog article easy to share.  Any comment, like or share will build your overall social media metrics which will also lead to more followers.