In our previous blog post, we talked about how a project manager can help your small business grow. First, we discussed the various tasks a project manager completes while managing any type of project:

    • Creating the “big picture plan”
    • Organizing each step
    • Bringing the right team members together
    • Managing the budget
    • Making tough decisions
  • Delivering the promised results

Next, we elaborated on the first two steps – how creating the “big picture” will set the stage for the success of your project, and clearly defining each step needed to complete the project on time and as promised.

Let’s take a look at the last four steps involved with project management.

Assemble the Dream Team

As the project manager organizes each step of the big picture plan, this person will divide larger tasks into more manageable assignments. When assigning these tasks, the strengths and weaknesses of each individual team member will be considered, as well as their gifts and talents. Each member will know the specific goals and objectives of their assignments, along with deadlines and responsibilities.

Manage the Budget

Whether large or small, managing a project budget is a key responsibility. The manager is responsible for developing the budget as well as tracking the expenses throughout the entire timeline. At the completion of the project, this person should include a detailed budget statement and financial summary with the overall completed project report.

Make the Tough Decisions

When it comes to responsibility, the project manager is also handed the duty of tackling any tough issues that may arise. Examples include conflicts between personnel, tasks not being accomplished on time, and excessive spending.

Deliver Promised Results

The last and most important step is, of course, completing the project and delivering on the goals and objectives as promised. This begins with being very clear and thorough on each and every step of the process described above.

Hiring a project manager for your next project will take a load of responsibility off your shoulders. It will allow you the time you need to complete the business tasks that are most important.

Have you hired a project manager before? How do you think a project manager could advance your business?