virtual-assistantMost business owners can use an extra 2, 4, or even 8 hours a day. Not many have been known to say, “Wow, I’m all done with my work for the day. I’ll make it an early day since there’s nothing left to do.” Quite frankly, the work of a business owner or entrepreneur is never over. There is always something that needs to be done.

While actual hours cannot be added to your day, you can get some of that time back by hiring a virtual assistant. Not sure what a VA can do to help you? Take a look at the 3 tasks below you can take off your “business plate” today.

Posting on Social Media

This can take quite a chunk out of your working hours. An assistant can take care of all social media management from curating articles to share with your audience to creating short snippets of copy to promote your own products/services on various social media platforms. If you run a group or a business page, a virtual assistant can also respond to comments or messages from potential clients or customers.

Writing Blog Articles

Hire a creative assistant to write blog posts for you. A writer can research content ideas, write and edit the content, design graphics for each post, and possibly even perform search engine optimization (SEO) for each blog post. This will help others find your content when searching on the web.

Creating Graphics

A virtual assistant can create a multitude of graphics or images to use for your business. Think social media graphics, blog titles, email newsletter headers, Facebook ad images, and the like. There are free or very inexpensive apps, such as Canva that your assistant can use to easily create images specifically for your brand and business.

If you find yourself with more work than time to complete it, contact us for a free consultation. Let’s find out the best way for you to get back more of your time.