online-platforms-share-blog-postsFacebook is connected to over a billion people from around the world and it is surprising to note that some businesses, especially small businesses, are yet to use what Facebook has to offer. The constant changes that Facebook has undergone since it was founded are seen as the main reason why most businesses have not fully used Facebook. To get the best out of Facebook, here are a few ideas to use:

1. Make Use of the Timeline

Features such as a cover photo, highlighted posts and pinning of posts should be used fully. Using highlighted posts enables you to bring awareness to an important status update. To achieve this, hover over the top right corner of an important status update and click on the “star” icon that appears. A successful status update will result in an expanded post across the width of the timeline. On the other hand, the pin feature is used to highlight a specific post – a post that you think should appear on the timeline for a couple of weeks. When you use the pin feature, your followers will be reminded of the status every time they visit. Lastly, changing the cover photo is beneficial too. For the best result, change it regularly. A regular change of the cover photo keeps your Facebook page fresh and it will aid in reminding your followers about the changes since they will see the change in the news feed.

2. Make Use of Integrated Content

Always provide useful information by posting information from different sources. Share ideas with other persons.

3.  Be Human

Every time you post something on Facebook, ensure that it is interesting and entertaining. Be real since your fans would like to deal with someone who is human.

4.  Make use of Facebook Apps

Apps are useful in engaging and taking marketing efforts to better levels. They facilitate getting content and information from fans. To get started with apps, you may make use of the following ideas:

  • Voting contests
  • Product lines
  • Like-drive apps
  • Photo/video contests
  • Welcome pages
  • Post often and/or on a regular basis

Make your presence known on Facebook on a regular basis since your fans always expect something new from you.

Make use of the 80-20 rule i.e. 80% of your Facebook content should be valuable while 20% should be shared content. If your page receives a reward, bragging a little is good. However, do not overdo it!

5.  Respond to Everything

Do not fail to respond to even the most annoying fans and negative content. Monitor your Facebook page all the time so that you can know if there is something awaiting your response.