twitterTwitter can be very resourceful for small businesses.  Twitter can help small businesses in two major ways:  keeping these small business owners updated with the current trends and most importantly keeping them in touch with their clients, leads and any other targets on a regular interval.

Here are a few tips that small businesses should consider using:

Create A Twitter Landing Page

Your twitter landing page should be designed specifically for your twitter followers.  You should make sure that you provide your followers with all the necessary information about your business, its services, profile description among other information. Use good photos of yourself and your products and update them frequently. If you have a company website, don’t forget to include its URL.

Reaching Out To All of Your Clients

You can use your current contacts and see if some of them are on twitter. If they are, the better. Engage them fully! Having them follow you will always keep them informed of all the developments in your business including new services and products.  Be sure that you put a Twitter button on your website to help people find you on Twitter.

Use Twitter For Customer Service

Large brand names use Twitter for customer service.  Twitter provides a quick way to reply to customer service issues.  You can easily and quickly respond to inquiries while building a good reputation for your business and a strong relationship with your customers.  Create a separate Twitter handle that your company uses exclusively for customer support.

Proper Use of Hashtags

One of the best ways to reach outside your circle of followers is through the use of hashtags.  You can find new prospective clients and others can find you by searching for relevant hashtags.  Limit the use of hashtags to 3 and keep your tweets short to allow space for retweets.

You can do a search for hashtags that are related to your business by using tools like or Tagboard to name a few.  Keywords you can search for include your name, your business name, your products, competitors’ names or questions you can reply to.

Connect with Influencers

You can connect with anyone using Twitter.  This is a great way to join or start a  discussion with industry experts and influencers to build valuable connections and raise the profile of your business.

 Use Visual Content

Tweets with photos receive more engagement.  Take photos of your products or staff to share with your Twitter followers.  Be sure to optimize your twitter photos for the actual Twitter stream. For the perfect image appearance in a user’s activity stream, upload photos 440 pixels by 220 pixels.