delegate-administrative-tasksHiring a virtual assistant can alleviate much of the workload demanded by your business. This allows you to focus on revenue-generating tasks, while someone else takes care of the behind-the-scenes work. If you spend much of your time on the tasks listed below, consider hiring a virtual assistant, who can help you cross these items off your never-ending to-do list.

(To learn more way a virtual assistant can help, read Delegate These Administrative Tasks to a Virtual Assistant, Part 1.)

Event Planning

An event planner organizes every detail of an event from beginning to end. This includes professional meetings, social gatherings, or any small or large event. An event planner’s responsibilities can include the following:

  • Planning the time and location
  • Overseeing any marketing and promotion
  • Collecting registrations and payments
  • Sending updates to registered attendees
  • Organizing services during the event such as meals, hotel rooms, transportation, audio/video needs
  • Handles all logistics involved with special speakers or presenters
  • Reviews the outcome with the client
  • Plans any follow-up necessary after the event

Internet Research

An Internet Researcher uses the Internet to find and collect information. Research is more than just searching a topic on Google. This individual knows the importance of finding information from experts and trusted sources. The responsibilities of an Internet Researcher involve:

  • Finding the exact information the client needs
  • Knowing where to search for specific information (for example, where to find contact information on business websites)
  • Contacting by phone or email, the owner or manager of a website or company, in order to conduct more thorough research
  • Understanding keyword research
  • Conducting market research

Microsoft Office Suite

The Microsoft Office Suite family contains 12 different applications and information management tools, all designed for a specific purpose. A virtual assistant who can collect, organize and analyze data using these tools can be of great benefit for you and your business. Outlined below are 5 of the most common Microsoft Office applications used today.

  • Outlook. Send and receive emails. Organize calendars and to-do lists.
  • Word. Create and design documents such as letters, reports, and pdfs.
  • Excel. Create and design workbooks. Create tables, reports, and charts in order to analyze the data.
  • PowerPoint. Create and design presentations and slideshows.
  • OneDrive. Manage, share and sync files for personal or business use.
  • OneNote. Take and organize digital notes.

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