social-media-platform-right-for-businessIn a recent study, the Pew Research Center has found that 70% of Americans use social media. Social media has changed the way we connect with people, find information on almost everything, and build our businesses. Not all social media platforms are meant for the same purpose. In order to use your time wisely, it’s important to invest your energy on the platforms that will help you find customers, grow your following, and engage with clientele.


American men and women, ages 25-54, comprise 32% and 29% of Facebook users, respectively. If your target audience or ideal client is in this age range, Facebook may be a valuable platform for you. Facebook is great for encouraging interaction and engagement among its members, which translates into an effective way to spread the word about your particular business.


Instagram can be used as a brand-building tool. There are no clickable links allowed on each individual post. The only place a live link is available is in your Instagram profile. Whether your company is product-based or service-focused, sharing images and videos will create awareness of who you are and who you serve.


If you are a female-focused company you have found your perfect match for a social media platform.  An astounding 42% of online women are Pinterest users. For a product-based business, use high-quality images with pictures of your products. For a service-based business, your Pinterest boards can be a portfolio of your work accomplishments.


Twitter uses “tweets”, which are brief posts that are a maximum of 140 characters. They are perfect for short marketing messages, like mini-commercials, and can include links to your website. With Twitter, text works much better than images, such as photos or videos.

Choosing which social media platform to use all depends on the goals you have set for your business. Use the information above, along with further research, to decide which platform is right for you to grow a successful business.